SVG/JPG/PNG to PCB converter

This is the toy web frontend to Gerbolyze. Gerbolyze is a tool for rendering arbitrary vector (SVG) and raster (PNG/JPG) images directly onto gerber layers. You can use this to put art on a PCB's silkscreen, solder mask or copper layers. The input is an SVG file generated from a template. This SVG file has one layer for each PCB layer and the layers are rendered one by one into the existing gerber file. SVG primitives are converted as-is with (almost) full SVG support, and bitmap images are vectorized using a vector halftone processor. Gerbolyze works with gerber files produced with any EDA toolchain and has been tested to work with both Altium and KiCAD.

Upload zipped gerber files

First, upload a zip file containing all your gerber files. The default file names used by KiCAD, Eagle and Altium are supported.

Upload Gerber file:

Sample images